Business Planning for the Lifecycle of Your Business

Lacki & Company provides the full range of business planning and corporate services to help you succeed. We help businesses at all stages, from establishing LLCs and other business types to business planning for existing enterprises.

We Help You Choose the Right Company Structure

We will work with you to form an entity that is appropriate for your business, whether it’s a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or other structure. We understand the requirements and needs that surround initial business formation and will handle the details, such as buy-sell agreements and non-compete agreements, employment contracts, and more. 

We Navigate Business Laws and Regulations for You

For existing companies going through growth or business succession, Lacki & Company will work with you through the laws and regulations to ensure you get to your goal with your assets and interests protected.

We have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and reporting requirements of businesses of all sizes and handle the multitude of our clients’ transactional needs. We protect business interests by drafting and reviewing office leases as well as contracts with suppliers, customers, lenders, licensors, and employees. 

We address potential risks and pitfalls to ensure you get to the finish line with your assets and benefits intact. We present strong options to help you succeed.

We Provide Trusted General Counsel Services

Lacki & Company provides general counsel services to businesses that need periodic legal advice for business transactions and other issues. No matter your business or industry, we adapt our services to meet your needs.

Contact us for all of your business lifecycle planning and transactional needs, from start-ups to existing companies. We are there to walk you through the red tape and get your business moving in the right direction.

Other Services