Immigration Services

Immigration Lawyers that Get Results.

Lacki & Company has the experience and expertise in immigration law to get you to your goal. Our expertise runs the gamut of immigration issues from Green Card status, H1B visas, to immigration visas and more. We represent you in staffing, labor and family immigration.

Turn to Lacki & Company for help from an immigration lawyer, whether you are a business owner dealing with employment issues or have a family member you are trying to move to the US.

Navigating Immigration Law to Keep Specialized Workers on Your Team

We can help you keep specialized workers on your team to ensure your business operations continue running smoothly.  We understand the ever-changing global business environment that presents challenges for hiring, retaining, and transferring important talent for your company. Our lawyers will work with your human resources department and key managers to assist with the management of your H-1B visa worker program, applying for employment based green cards, assisting with student-employees by maintaining their F-1 status through OPT or CPT programs, and transferring skilled managers within your company’s organization from abroad via the L-1 visa program. Whatever your immigration-related business challenge, we are here to help see it through without disruption to your business.

Family Based Immigration Solutions

Our immigration lawyers help people who need individual or family visas. We commonly help with these issues:

  • obtaining lawful permanent resident status
  • helping a spouse outside of the US gain entry
  • marrying a US citizen
  • working with US citizens to petition for the entry of other relatives

Families should be together. Our goal is to reunite those that have been separated.  We cut through the red-tape to get to a reunion as quickly as possible.

Agency and Immigration Litigation Representation

Our legal staff provides organizations and individuals with representation before the US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Labor and US Department of State, including consular representation abroad. And, when organizations or individuals find themselves on the wrong side of the law facing possible termination of work authorizations for key personnel, loss of employee or individual legal status or even individual or family deportation, our expert team members know how to navigate complex proceedings in front of the US Government in federal courts.

Other Services